Pool Lighting

Well placed outdoor lighting can change your beautiful pool area into the feeling that you are now spending time at a resort. There is nothing more relaxing than to sit by your pool at night having dinner and looking at your amazing well lit palm trees that surround you. Whether you have a pool cage or not lighting up the back of your house extends your living space far beyond the walls of your home. If you have a pool cage lights can be attached to the rails to bring light inside. If you have beds within the pool those can be lit as well. Putting lights on the outside of your pool screen immediately increases your vision well beyond the dark border. We can also place path lights around the edge of your pool to bring light onto your plants and at the same time onto the walkways surrounding the pool.

Another reason to bring light into this area is once again for safety and security. This is a well trafficked area. Whether you are entertaining or just being at home, not to have your pool well lit is an accident waiting to happen. We also want to deter intruders from thinking that the back of your house is a place where they can enter at night without being seen.

Let us show you how to transform your pool area into a resort
And at the same time make it safe and secure.

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