Maintenance and Repair Services

Maintenance Services

West Coast Outdoor Lighting offers our customers maintenance plans that include annual and semi annual visits to your home. We are there to make sure that your system continues to operate at optimal levels. As time goes by adjustments may be needed for various reasons such as growth of foliage, bulb replacement, and run-ins with lawn mowers and weed whackers.

Our standard plan with a halogen system is to come to your home once a year, change all the bulbs at once and while we are there, we trim the foliage around the fixtures, adjust the direction of the light for best results, move fixtures, if necessary, and test the transformers and wire connections to make sure they are all working properly.

Repair Services

We offer complete repair services. If you have a problem with your outdoor lighting system, we will come to your home and make repairs in a timely manner. You do not have to be one of our existing customers. We can repair any system. If it is a large job, we would be happy to come out and give you a free estimate to determine the cost of the repairs.

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