Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting is a general term and probably encompasses all outdoor lighting. As a specific term Landscape Lighting is our ability to light all the trees and palms and gardens and low lying plants and bushes and flowers. There is nothing more beautiful than to see your palms and trees lit and filling up the skies with their branches and leaves. The secret to Landscape Lighting is to be able to know how to spread out the lighting so that there are areas of darkness and area of light and areas of light and areas of darkness and that is a well designed Landscape Lighting Plan which we create as your landscape lighting designer.

There are different lighting techniques that we use to create the effect that we want. Here are just a few.


This is probably one of the most used methods of landscape lighting by placing a light at the base of a tree or palm to highlight the shape of the trunk and the foliage above.


Throwing light on an object or palm so it casts a shadow on a wall.


Highlighting the texture of a wall by placing a light next to a wall with the beam directed upward. This casts shadows and brings out the texture.


A fixture is placed up in a tree and aimed downward to highlight maybe a patio or to mimic the effect of the moon would make threw the trees.

Path Lighting

We use path lighting to make sure paths are well illuminated so that walking is made easier at night with the turns in the path easily visible.

There are countless number of effects that can be created by a good lighting designer and we consider ourselves one of the best.

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